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Is Washer Repair Required When the Machine Is Making a Strange Noise?

Once, your washing machine worked like a dream. But lately, you've been hearing strange noises coming from the laundry room during each and every cycle. Do those unusual sounds mean you need to book professional washer repair? They might. If you're at all concerned about your washing machine's performance, get in touch with First Stop Appliance right away. We'll send a knowledgeable washer repair technician out to your home or business to take a look. Maybe you just need a small adjustment. Maybe a larger part replacement is in order. Whatever the case, we'll handle your appliance with skill and care. 

A noisy washing machine might be due to: 

  • Weak or damaged shock absorbers
  • A broken drive belt
  • A defective drain pump
  • A stretched or damaged tub-dampening strap
  • A failing drive motor

At First Stop Appliance, we have more than 20 years of experience in washing machine repair. We'll be able to pinpoint your problem quickly and accurately, carrying out the necessary steps to restore your appliance's proper function. We provide both residential and commercial service, and we want to be your best and only choice for washing machine repairs in the greater Cherry Hill area.

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